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What is a Sigma female?



Most people are tempted to take the sigma female silence, passiveness and lackadaisical attitude, to mean weakness, easy to control and lack of initiative. When we talk of never giving up, many people think it’s a man’s thing for forgetting to know that signal females are a sight of women whose will to succeed, surpasses their desire for fun. The determination of these women knows no bounds. Their will to succeed is on bending. They want to be the best at whatever they do and never give up until they blow it out of proportion.






Are Sigma Females Rare?


How do you expect a woman like the sigma female to give up when she can anticipate the future, see? What is coming notice, my new details, others are missing out on and with a similar genetic memory. Back in her, the persistence of sigma female is beyond the regular motives that incentivize others not to give up like family responsibilities, children, parents, spouses to seek more females. The drive to never give up is deeply rooted in their DNA, their desire to be the best, and they need to be in control where most people don’t see any reason to continue. The sigma female has a million on one reason to keep going where most people seek validation as motivation to keep going.








How can you tell a Sigma female?


The sigma female is self-motivated and does not need any pep talk from anybody to be motivated because she knows deep down. She is more than capable of doing anything when most people start thinking of giving up the sigma feeling is just getting started. They understand the principle behind hard work and achievements and because of this, most of them are higher achieving women. Let’s keep stereotypes and dissect the nitty-gritties of the sigma females, never give up attitude one their eidetic memories and pattern recognition. Never giving up is the nicest way of saying pick up the pieces and continue each time you fall and to do this, you must learn from your previous mistakes and past experiences and to learn from these mistakes.



What are some of the characteristics of an Sigma female?


You must have a reliable collection of your mistakes and experiences to learn from in order to ensure that you always rise each time you fall. This aspect of life comes to sigma fumes as easy as ABC because they have a large frontal cortex to collect and process information. Two times faster. The sigma female can mentally freeze time to go through her memory in search of missing facts. She can mentally go back in time to retrace her steps by replaying the event from start to finish over and over until she is able to recollect her thoughts in the exact order in which they happen vividly their interest and self-motivation sigma families are naturally driven women With a keen interest and strange appetite for new experiences because they are generally motivated by novelty, they are self-motivated to pursue such endeavors for the emotional reward it brings them when a sigma female makes up her mind to pursue a certain idea.






Nothing you do can dissuade not persuade her to give it up. They are ready and willing to pay any price to attain their goals becoming the best. There is technically means being lonely and sigma females. Don’t have any problem with being lonely, in fact they thrive and excel in loneliness their ability to see what is coming. Knowing the end results before they even start is an added incentive to seek more families to grind harder.









Nothing is as pleasing as knowing the outcome of an endeavor before anyone else using intuition deductive thinking and gut feeling. Sigma females are able to correctly predict and anticipate future trends. In the same way, sigma males like Elon musk, did with electric car and what mark Zuckerberg is doing with Metaverse, always being a step ahead of the competition and prepared for the old person. Sigma families are more than ready to cross any obstacle on their path to success.


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bookmark_border7 Signs You’re Drained By Someone

Have you been feeling drained and burnt out lately but don’t really know why? Are you usually positive and upbeat, but lately you’ve become more upset, anxious and stressed than you’ve ever been in your life?


Do you think there might be something in your life triggering all these negative feelings in you? Well, the truth is, even if we love them and care about them, there are just certain people in our lives we can’t stand to be around for too long because they drive us crazy. Are the people around you starting to wear down on you and your mental health? To help you with that, let’s talk about seven warning signs that tell you that someone is draining all of your energy and leaving you emotionally exhausted.

Number one, you dread interacting with them.

Is there a particular person you find yourself anxious to talk to? Do you often find yourself wishing you wouldn’t run into them or hoping you can find a way to escape before they see you and try to start a conversation with you. When you find yourself dreading to interact with someone, that’s a definite red flag. It means that every time that you spend time with this person, you’re left to stressed and emotionally spent. You feel like you don’t have the energy to go on with the rest of your day.

And your mood changes drastically after you see them.

Number two, you feel uneasy around them.

Do they seem to have a penchant for stirring up trouble? Are they constantly roping you into their needless drama or make you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around them and their volatile emotions? If so, this person makes you feel anxious and uncomfortable to be around.


You’re constantly waiting for something to go wrong or the other shoe to drop whenever you’re with them. And every phone call or visit makes you immediately think, great, what did you do this time?

Number three, you often ignore their calls and texts.

It is just a simple phone call, text message or notification from this person enough to put you on edge? In fact, seeing their name pop up on the screen makes your stomach feel so nodded and tight that you started to avoid them every chance that you get.

You ignore their calls, leave their messages on read and make excuses about why you haven’t been keeping in touch. Because the truth is you just don’t have the time or energy to deal with their drama anymore. It just becomes too exhausting. Which brings us to our next point, four.

Four, You’ve started avoiding them.

Every time you see them from a distance you immediately start running away in the other direction. You don’t go to any places, events or gatherings where you feel like you might run into them. And if you do, you have an excuse ready for why you suddenly have to leave so soon and cut the conversation short.

You try to keep your interactions with them as brief but polite as you possibly can. And you gradually spends less and less time around them.

Number five, you need to unwind after talking to them.

Another way to tell if someone is exhausting to be around is by taking a good look at how they make you feel after you talk to them. Do you feel happy and energized and upbeat after every chat with them? Or do they make you miserable, worried and upset more often than not. If it’s the latter, then that means this person really takes a toll on your mental and emotional health.

Why else would you feel the need to have to cheer yourself up after each interaction? They dump all of their negativity on you and keep you so busy attending to their every one need that it drains you of all of your energy and motivation.

Number six, you need to vent to someone about them. (sighs)

You will not believe what so-and-so said this morning. I’m so done with so-and-so and all of their drama.

They’re driving me crazy and I can’t take it anymore. Does this sound like you whenever you talk about a certain someone in your life right now? Do you know anyone who always makes you feel compelled to rant a complaint and vent about them to others? Sometimes even when you do feel frustrated with someone, you just don’t have the heart to let them know how you really feel.


And so you end up telling other people instead.

According to a study, if you constantly find yourself at your wits end with someone and desperately running to your closest friends for comfort and support, then it might be time to reevaluate your relationship with this person.

And number seven. You experienced physical symptoms.

Last but certainly not least, is the experience of physical symptoms, whether it’s fatigue frequent headaches, muscle tension, chest palpitations, shaky hands, or an upset stomach.


If you notice that your symptoms tend to start or worsen around a certain someone, then that definitely can’t mean anything good.

Other common manifestations of anxiety and emotional exhaustion stated by a study include mood swings, irritability, apathy, sudden loss of interest, and even emotional numbness. If you have someone in your life who is draining all of your emotional energy and taking a toll on your mental wellbeing, then you owe it to yourself to establish healthy boundaries and protect yourself against toxic relationships.

While it may seem difficult to let go of someone you care about, especially if you think they’re going through a really hard time right now, and you feel obligated to be there for them, try to remember that your mental health comes first. We hope we’re able to give you a little insight into some of the ways someone might be wearing you out. Did you find these relatable?

Did someone in particular come to mind, let us know in the comments below. If you found this video helpful, be sure to hit the like button and share it with someone tackling these energy vacuums.

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bookmark_borderLooking for a SUGAR DADDY on FARMERS ONLY

Oh, I’m gonna get a sugar daddy Looking for a SUGAR DADDY on FARMERS ONLY by Victoria x, rave, hello. It is in fact Victoria x rave here glad to meet your acquaintance. I am breaking my no dating thing. There’s one Avenue that I haven’t tried yet, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, because you guys may know I came from a farm. I grew up my entire life on a farm in Pennsylvania around Amish people.


My own mother says your problem. Is is that you’re not finding a farm boy you’re right who – and I tried to be out here in Los Angeles – Who am I trying to be I’m trying to mingle with all these little la man, boy, metro, men, hey? How are you hey? Why do you think I have such a bad time and relationships, and also what type of guys do you think I should be going for? Okay, that’s all I needed.

I got a video of me trying out really yeah. I think I don’t know about that. She always every single time she’s like Tori. You need to get yourself a farm boy and I’m like no no, but I am a woman now and I can listen to my mother’s advice and try our farmers away calm.

So I think the first thing I need to do for this idea is to look more farming right now. I might scare away the farm boys. I don’t know what I was doing the past like hour, but I turn the camera off and then I forgot so I think the first thing we need to do is find some flannel. Let’s go to my closet. I don’t wanna show you too much of my apartment yet because it’s gonna be in the apartment tour.

Let’s see, I have a flannel in here and that’s put this over it, nice. Okay, what are you what style is this even modesty is key. This is Devin, something that I would way back in the farm or that my mom would actually wear where I grew up. It was kind of like hickish to white trash like redneck type of vibes, and I feel like this. This is like this.

Does look farmer ish, it looks like I would be. This looks like I would be definitely like a crazy horse, lady for sure, let’s go out there like walking in a shirt on okay, okay. So now I’m gonna take some picture from my phone. I can’t really be outside because I live in Los Angeles and that’s not very farm mish, unbelievable perfect. I know I do right, so I’m gonna put on kind of a second outfit.

Just cuz do you. I want to have more than one picture by the way that looks really sketchy. Okay for these, this next picture, I’m going to make it look like a you know, I’m going out to help my dad build barn. I got obviously but like pack that you can hold the screws and stuff with. I got my jeans and then I got this big, the throw up top of it, so yeah, okay, pop okay, the caption, will be like, wouldn’t that one time I could build a party, this is just gonna have to do we’re sticking pictures.

So it’s fine. I should go outside and take some pictures see the palm tree in the background that does not work okay, so I also found some more pictures on my computer that will suffice. I couldn’t find any pictures of how I look now on a horse which I’m sad about now. I have to make my profile. This site is very inefficient.

I don’t like it, but ok, let’s see my view profile click here to edit your profile notice. So there’s a very important: ok need someone to build up my barn. Let’s bale hay together, my name is Victoria and I finally realized. I just need a good farm boy yeah. Whatever farmers I do by beta interest its raising bull, pursue receiver pre.

What I’d really define another curator of bull semen? In enhancement? It’S weird, I know lol, but just as Raging Bull cattle for their involvement, enhancer been meeting no one’s gonna understand that I homeschooled my stuff. I can read kinda okay. I really want marriage, I’m not looking for loosey-goosey stuff.

However, I did used to raise geese. Okay, let’s see here, my name is Victoria and I finally realized. I just need a good farm boy. I grew up in a farm in Pennsylvania. My interest is raising bull kind of involvement in enhancement products.

Its’s weird, I know lol. I also just like the farm life starry skies green pastures, how much carriages just a simple life. You know I homeschool myself. I can read kind of okay lol, but I know how to cook and can like a pro I’m not looking for loosey-goosey stuff, however, did used to raise keys. I want something real.

I also have a square dance. I actually do not ask radians. That’s not like further employment. There they have like raise alpacas raise cattle raised dogs, dairy farmer raised goats, raise cattle cattle pictures some high school graduate. I would act like I watch children body type athletic.

Now we’re gonna go to my ideal match between ages of um. Let’s go with nineteen, I think 30. I thought we should go higher. We should go higher. Just I just feel like the pool in Los Angeles is not gonna be very dense.


She thinks my track just sexy. It really turns around just someone willing to let me raise their children. I don’t want this to be weird. This is ridiculous. This is this makes me cringe.

Okay, I feel like I have to upgrade just for this experiment. I don’t think we’re gonna get very far. If I just do the normal thing, so I wonder if I could just do it for one day and then be like hey. I actually made a mistake. I’M gonna try to get a refund after this.

I have I subscribe to a dating site for the first time in my entire life: okay, I’m gonna change, my username. I could do that cattle Queen cattle Queens already taken on here. Of course, it’s taken it’s a good one. We’re in! I don’t even know where to start cow, queen 7 is on the prowl.

Now it’s just kind of a waiting game, there’s so many pictures of like guys with dead deer and beards. This is why I left it’s: okay, yeah, okay. This is why I left it’s. The male selection there – this is not my cup of tea, I’m sorry mom! I just it’s not my cup of tea, I’m Alli bougie bitch!


Now, okay, you have to have a beard. You’re do wear those sunglasses that, like are really close to like your eyes and like like this, doesn’t yeah, you have to be beard, you have to have, kills a deer, maybe be balding. That’s a plus. I feel bad. I don’t want to judge these people.

Well, this guy, if I don’t do bad he’s from California, look those pictures! Okay! Well, alright, you got ta, have the deep, the slain deer horns who likes me: we got ta like guys. We got ta like oh okay, of course, we’re gonna, like it we’re gonna, like everybody who likes me so, hopefully we’ll start messaging likes to ride ATVs and dirt bikes. Of course you do glasses.

Why do all Hicks have a same set of glasses? Hey there cowboy, let’s look at category cut up between seven, that’s you’re, so cute. So this is my profile these my pictures, I chose, oh goodness, gracious. Okay, I’m just going to give obstacle at this set for a bit and we’re come back and we’ll see like what kind of messages we got. Okay back to our farmers, only party here we got, we got four catches.


I have been chatting with Cal proper he’s. Our very first one awful conversation – I don’t know what it is, but this guy does not know how to talk to girls and he’s like hey how you doing I’m like I’m doing good. Did you horseback riding? We talked about horseback riding for a second I’m like yep he’s like yeah, you’re, very beautiful, and I’m like so what’s she looking for on here he’s a just. What relationship I’m like me too?

Is there any type of person or qualities you’re? Looking for, in particular, he’s like nice, caring, loving, respectful, loyal support of understanding, oh well, that’s a lot. I can only find you one of those. I didn’t say that and then he’s like snapchat. I don’t use snapchat mystic, I’m like.

Are you looking for a farm girl specifically, you have really asked much about me yet and he’s just like I’m not picky. Can I call you so we also got some other emails. I don’t even call the messages, they call them emails all right. So I’m talking to this guy he’s like hello gorgeous. How are you here’s my number?

What other city is next to you, hey beautiful, do you want to meet you? This guy is a weird and he doesn’t have anything on his profile. I Drive a farmer or a weed farmer, I don’t know he’s not the type of farmer I want, though JB will you at what you been hey. This is the guy with the sunglasses that I hate. All these guys have said, like their hobbies include hunting.

It sounds really bad, but I’m kind of looking for a high say a farmer daddy, but only because I need a new fence put in for my cattle and new road solar from a potato / laser garden. Please look touch he’s not gonna message. Back whatever hey growing up. There is an actual thing, it’s an actual real thing. There’s it’s called farmer talk these guys all seem to possess it.

I don’t really have like this is so different than tinder. This is so different than tinder growing up, like my grandpa, my uncles and everything. This is how they talk. Well, yeah. We got a new message right now: hey you!

That’s what I’m talking about! That’s a good one! Oh I see what you did there this guy. I’M like can I call you he’s like how I don’t give out number. How else are you talking the phone?

I don’t know dal from your grandma’s food, this guy, you guys just bagged he’s like so how big of a famous pencils are expensive. Okay, I know this fences are a very costly investment in farm life. You want some some good, solid posts which are very expensive and then setting it up. There’s no way I’d be able to build myself, so you’d have to hire someone to come in and put the fence in because you get there like. You know: if do that thing, where you dig the holes for the posts and attach them all and that’s costly?

That’s super costly, not a huge one. I don’t have a lot of cattle, don’t have a full heard what he said. Something else like it’s here yourself. You take her in a phone text, you a selfie taker and a phone texture. Ah, yes, I need that fence.

Put it I need that fence put in for the front pasture. Oh he’s getting pervy now some and not being a perv, but you afraid to show your body uh-huh, I’m not afraid, but I would only do that for a fence lol, oh you’re, a hot little girl. Oh my god, be more. What do you think about my bro, alright anyways? I have to end this video now sorry to leave you waiting.

I don’t know what Jeremiah’s gonna say. That’s the conclusion. I love you very much. Okay, good, bye,

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bookmark_border5 Subconscious Things You Do That Make Others Ignore You

Lets delve right in. Do you constantly feel like whatever you say falls on deaf ears? Are you puzzled? Why people ignore you all the time, But what, if it is due to something you may be doing Its a truth universally acknowledged that having good and healthy relationships can make you a relatively happier person when compared to others

An environment where you are constantly getting ignored can have a negative impact on how you think of yourself and others. This is especially true. If you are not aware of why they do so. Do, you think there might be some habits. You might have that cause people to ignore what you say Before. We begin, please note, this intends, to help you gain awareness about this, addressing possible reasons. Why people are ignoring you? It is important to keep in mind that it does not aim to put any individual in a bad light.

Having that said here are five habits: that might have been causing people to ignore you, One You don’t, listen to others. Do you feel like you tend to speak a lot more than other people Or that you only talk about yourself? If the answer is yes, this might be a reason. People ignore you. Constantly talking about yourself without letting other people get a word in, can annoy a lot of people

It shows that you are not concerned, about the other persons, point of view,

Relationships thrive on a give-and-take principle, If you want to be listened to, when you talk, you have to, listen to others as well. Of course, the reason you talk. A lot does not necessarily mean that you are not interested in others. Maybe you have a lotto share or you think that having other people leading, the conversation could be a hassle for them. Rather it gives off the wrong impression.

Two You criticize too much. Are you someone who wants the best for their close ones and always tells them what mistakes they make? If this is you, you have a truly admirable and caring mentality.

However, a lot of times having this mentality can lead you to criticize people too much, especially if you focus only on their mistakes, The impression of being someone who only knows how to criticize will, eventually lead to you getting ignored by everyone, even if you have the best of intentions. This, is not To say that you should just let your loved ones make mistakes without saying anything.

Measured criticism is important for personal growth, However, throwing encouragement and compliments into the mix can help mediate. The severity of the critique Three You are full of negativity Is the glass always half empty, for you Have you ever felt like avoiding someone who usually only says negative things. If the answer is yes, then you know how people react to negativity.

When you are constantly complaining or saying negative things, then that could be a reason people ignore you

According to a study people avoid negativity at all costs, since it can actually affect others mood and overall well-being, So it might be a good idea to take a quick reality check and make sure that you are not a source of negativity for your social group. Four, Your presence doesn’t grab attention. Do you feel like people don’t pay too much attention to what you say even when they just met you? The reason people ignore you even when you just met them might have something to do with your public presence and your confidence levels.

Studies show people tend to be attracted and pay more attention to those who have high levels of confidence and make a positive first impression. So. If you feel like your presence, does not grab enough attention taking steps. Towards increasing, your levels of confidence might be a good place to start

It is important to work on our body language and how you approach people when. You engage in conversations These factors are key to making sure that your presence is felt and. People start paying attention to you more Five. You overthink. What you’re going to say? Do you consider yourself to be quiet during group conversations.

Do you feel like the conversation moves faster and you cant find a window to hop into it? If so, the most likely reason why you feel ignored during conversations is that you are overthinking? What you are going to say. It is very natural and almost everyone does it When you overthink during a conversation, you may get the feeling that you are participating a lot because of all the things that you are considering in your head.


In reality, you speak much less than you think, and people can get the impression that you are not interested

Therefore, others may ignore you simply because they think you don’t want to socialize. However, rest assured that not every thing is your fault, You can only control your own behavior, not other peoples. Behavior. It is important to remember that doing. The things addressed above does not make you a bad. Person. There is always a chance that those ignoring you are simply not interested

There is no need to change yourself for people who are not interested in forming a relationship with you. Instead, it’s better to redirect the energy into people who are actually interested and care for you. We hope we were able to give you insight into some habits that might cause people to ignore. What you say:

bookmark_borderSpanking gets her turned on while having sex, due to her mental disorder | A Dangerous Method

<?xml encoding=”UTF-8″>

The creator of this video has a Facebook channel


Our movie begins with a real-life story of a mentally ill lady named SABINA,  being restrained by two men inside a carriage, on their way to Burghölzli Clinic. Inside the clinic, a doctor named CARL JUNG, meets SABINA who is his new patient to know what’s wrong  with her, she tells him it’s humiliation. It makes her feel nauseous and she starts pouring  cold sweat, her father was angry with her all the time, as she was saying that an image  appeared in her head, CARL asks SABINA what was the image about, she replies it was about  her father’s hand, that after he would hit her, he would force her to kiss his hand. Inside CARL’S home, CARL is with his wife EMMA, discussing SABINA’S case,  and saying that she is well educated and wants to be a doctor herself. Then, they talk about  Professor FREUD’S idea of psychoanalysis without an outline of how it’s done.

Outside the clinic, CARL and SABINA take a walk in the gardens, she says that  due to the voices in her head, she knows for certain that her mother doesn’t love  her father. They also told her that she will never become a doctor.


Then,  CARL says he has to go away for a while for his military service in two weeks, SABINA gets angry,  she tells him she’s wasting her time and drops her coat; CARL picks it up, tries to clean it  with swinging the stick on it, SABINA yells at him to stop doing that and to take her back. Inside SABINA’S room, the nurse walks in, and sees that SABINA is playing with her food.  She goes to tell Professor BLEULER, then they go to her room and she is not there,  she is outside in the pond playing in the water,  a couple of nurses grab her and drag her to the bathroom to give her a bath.



Inside SABINA’S room, CARL enlists SABINA’S help with his research about psychoanalysis,  He makes EMMA participate in the research, CARL asks SABINA what’s her observation on EMMA,  she tells him that she’s worried about her baby and him losing trust in EMMA. CARL goes home to find that EMMA gave birth to a baby girl who is breastfeeding from a nanny.  Then she regretfully says she’s sorry because she promised him a son on Christmas day.


CARL asks SABINA why her nights were unbearable,  she tells him that she is afraid, she feels something like a cat is with her,  that she feels something slimy against her back. He asks her if she was naked and masturbating,  she says yes to both.

He asks her to describe the first time her father hit her. she opens up to him  that when she was four years old, she broke a plate. Causing her father to tell her to  go to the little room and to take her clothes off. Then, he would punish her by spanking,  during the punishment, she becomes frightened and wets herself, her father notices that,  and spanks her again. she says she likes that, that any kind of humiliation excites her.

Two years later, CARL and his wife EMMA go to see professor SIGMUND FREUD,  CARL and professor FREUD discuss SABINA’S treatment,  how she is improving, and doing well in a medical university. They also talk about their different  theories about psychoanalysis.


Although, FREUD offers CARL his own interpretation of his dream,  that his ambitions being put on hold by his wife’s first pregnancy. On the street, CARL and SABINA talk about FREUD’s way of thinking, that it’s the best to follow his  way. But, CARL cannot accept that, and tells her there must be another way.

On a ship, CARL and SABINA talk about her being the best student  in medical university and he reassures her she could become a psychiatrist herself.


Professor FREUD writes a letter to CARL asking for a favor, to take care of a doctor named  OTTO GROSS, for a while until he can retrieve him himself. Upon his request,  CARL then talks to OTTO about his welfare and his disbelief of monogamy marriage,  Dr GROSS tries to persuade CARL to sleep with his patients, but CARL refuses to do so. CARL and SABINA are outside near the bay,  discussing her inexperience in sex and she kisses him. CARL goes to Dr OTTO’S room to find it empty.

A note was left for him to thank  him for taking care of him, also, he told him to let OTTO’s father know that he is dead. Outside SABINA’S home, CARL goes to SABINA, he begins an affair with her. After he’s  done with her, he goes back home. To find his wife saying that she has a surprise for him,  then she shows him a boat with red sails. Inside SABINA’S home, CARL wants to stop the affair he has with SABINA for the sake  of his wife.



He at first was reluctant to initiate anything with her, but she manages to convince him  in the end. Then, she questions how he is with his wife in bed and asks him to punish her in bed. Outside in the college campus, Professor FREUD and CARL talk about CARL being FREUD’s  heir apparent, then CARL informs him of the note that OTTO left him. Ashamed,  FREUD apologizes to CARL for making him take in OTTO.


Inside Professor FREUD’S office, Professor FREUD and CARL have a  disagreement about their theories and its applications in psychoanalysis.

Then,  they talk about a rumor that CARL has taken a patient as his mistress, and CARL denies it. Inside SABINA’s home, CARL tells SABINA that since Professor FREUD may have suspected that  they’re having an affair, they have to end this. Devastated, SABINA tries to persuade  him not to leave her, but he ends up doing that anyway, leaving SABINA breaking down crying. Inside CARL’S office, SABINA shows up and fights with him over how he confessed to her mother  that they were having an affair. Then, he tells her it’s not his fault as her mother already knew  from anonymous letters she received.

He tells her that they can see each other as a doctor  and patient, but nothing more than that. She grabs a knife as she’s taken over by rage  and hits him in the face.


And before she leaves, she pays 20 franks for the consultation fees. SABINA writes a letter to Professor FREUD regarding a great matter to both of them.  After he reads it, he writes a letter to CARL to ask him if he knows her,  CARL sends him a letter back that she was the case that brought them together.

Then,  he asks the professor to be the go-between them and avert disaster, The professor writes a letter  to SABINA saying that what he understands that she and CARL used to be good friends  but not anymore. Whatever the issue they have is, they should solve it without his involvement. Inside CARL’S office, CARL is packing up while SABINA is entering the office, then she asks  him if he is leaving the hospital because of her.


He replies that he was leaving anyway;  she tells him that she received a letter from Professor FREUD, and accuses him of making the  professor believe she’s lying about their affair. She demands that he writes a letter to FREUD  telling him the truth, he questions her if she is blackmailing him, she then tells him that  she could have destroyed him but she chose not to do so, and he calmly agrees to her request.

the professor has to write a letter to her to confirm that CARL told him everything,  Therefore, she tells CARL she would like to have FREUD as her doctor instead.


CARL writes a letter to FREUD confessing about his affair  with SABINA, FREUD writes a letter to SABINA to apologize to her,  that he admires her way of resolving the conflict she had with CARL. On a ship, Professor FREUD and CARL are going to America, at night they are on the deck of  the ship discussing CARL’s weird dream and their interpretations of it, but the professor is not  willing to share his dreams with the doctor due to him not wanting to risk his authority.


A few years later In Switzerland, SABINA meets with CARL in his house to discuss  her newly written dissertation and their theories about sexuality,  she informs him that when she graduates university, she will leave Zurich and  won’t come back. CARL breaks down and begs her not to leave.

But she does anyway. Two years later in Vienna, SABINA has graduated as a psychiatrist,  and meets Professor FREUD. They have a discussion about psychoanalysis,  she asks him if he has a dispute with CARL, he says he doesn’t,  SABINA wants the two to coexist so the progress of psychoanalysis doesn’t stop. As FREUD is starting  to trust her more, he asks her if she is ready to take care of one or two of his patients. CARL and FREUD exchange letters for some time, until the professor  decides to end their friendship to due CARL’s affair with SABINA and his unethical ways.

In Switzerland, SABINA meets EMMA in CARL’S house,  it’s revealed that SABINA is married and pregnant. EMMA informs her that her husband is not well  ever since he and professor FREUD cut ties, then she asks if SABINA could help him.


In the garden near the river, CARL’S is sitting on a bench when SABINA comes in and sits next to him,  he learns that she’s married to a doctor named PAVEL, and she notices he is not doing well. He  then replies that he has been experiencing apocalyptic dreams, she informs him that she  wants to go back to Russia with her husband. CARL speaks about his friendship with FREUD,  their differences, He tells her he regrets leaving her, but they can’t do anything about it now.

It  seems that CARL is stuck in the past, while SABINA is moving on with her husband, and the movie ends..