Oh, I’m gonna get a sugar daddy Looking for a SUGAR DADDY on FARMERS ONLY by Victoria x, rave, hello. It is in fact Victoria x rave here glad to meet your acquaintance. I am breaking my no dating thing. There’s one Avenue that I haven’t tried yet, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, because you guys may know I came from a farm. I grew up my entire life on a farm in Pennsylvania around Amish people.


My own mother says your problem. Is is that you’re not finding a farm boy you’re right who – and I tried to be out here in Los Angeles – Who am I trying to be I’m trying to mingle with all these little la man, boy, metro, men, hey? How are you hey? Why do you think I have such a bad time and relationships, and also what type of guys do you think I should be going for? Okay, that’s all I needed.

I got a video of me trying out farmersonly.com really yeah. I think I don’t know about that. She always every single time she’s like Tori. You need to get yourself a farm boy and I’m like no no, but I am a woman now and I can listen to my mother’s advice and try our farmers away calm.

So I think the first thing I need to do for this idea is to look more farming right now. I might scare away the farm boys. I don’t know what I was doing the past like hour, but I turn the camera off and then I forgot so I think the first thing we need to do is find some flannel. Let’s go to my closet. I don’t wanna show you too much of my apartment yet because it’s gonna be in the apartment tour.

Let’s see, I have a flannel in here and that’s put this over it, nice. Okay, what are you what style is this even modesty is key. This is Devin, something that I would way back in the farm or that my mom would actually wear where I grew up. It was kind of like hickish to white trash like redneck type of vibes, and I feel like this. This is like this.

Does look farmer ish, it looks like I would be. This looks like I would be definitely like a crazy horse, lady for sure, let’s go out there like walking in a shirt on okay, okay. So now I’m gonna take some picture from my phone. I can’t really be outside because I live in Los Angeles and that’s not very farm mish, unbelievable perfect. I know I do right, so I’m gonna put on kind of a second outfit.

Just cuz do you. I want to have more than one picture by the way that looks really sketchy. Okay for these, this next picture, I’m going to make it look like a you know, I’m going out to help my dad build barn. I got obviously but like pack that you can hold the screws and stuff with. I got my jeans and then I got this big, the throw up top of it, so yeah, okay, pop okay, the caption, will be like, wouldn’t that one time I could build a party, this is just gonna have to do we’re sticking pictures.

So it’s fine. I should go outside and take some pictures see the palm tree in the background that does not work okay, so I also found some more pictures on my computer that will suffice. I couldn’t find any pictures of how I look now on a horse which I’m sad about now. I have to make my profile. This site is very inefficient.

I don’t like it, but ok, let’s see my view profile click here to edit your profile notice. So there’s a very important: ok need someone to build up my barn. Let’s bale hay together, my name is Victoria and I finally realized. I just need a good farm boy yeah. Whatever farmers I do by beta interest its raising bull, pursue receiver pre.

What I’d really define another curator of bull semen? In enhancement? It’S weird, I know lol, but just as Raging Bull cattle for their involvement, enhancer been meeting no one’s gonna understand that I homeschooled my stuff. I can read kinda okay. I really want marriage, I’m not looking for loosey-goosey stuff.

However, I did used to raise geese. Okay, let’s see here, my name is Victoria and I finally realized. I just need a good farm boy. I grew up in a farm in Pennsylvania. My interest is raising bull kind of involvement in enhancement products.

Its’s weird, I know lol. I also just like the farm life starry skies green pastures, how much carriages just a simple life. You know I homeschool myself. I can read kind of okay lol, but I know how to cook and can like a pro I’m not looking for loosey-goosey stuff, however, did used to raise keys. I want something real.

I also have a square dance. I actually do not ask radians. That’s not like further employment. There they have like raise alpacas raise cattle raised dogs, dairy farmer raised goats, raise cattle cattle pictures some high school graduate. I would act like I watch children body type athletic.

Now we’re gonna go to my ideal match between ages of um. Let’s go with nineteen, I think 30. I thought we should go higher. We should go higher. Just I just feel like the pool in Los Angeles is not gonna be very dense.


She thinks my track just sexy. It really turns around just someone willing to let me raise their children. I don’t want this to be weird. This is ridiculous. This is this makes me cringe.

Okay, I feel like I have to upgrade just for this experiment. I don’t think we’re gonna get very far. If I just do the normal thing, so I wonder if I could just do it for one day and then be like hey. I actually made a mistake. I’M gonna try to get a refund after this.

I have I subscribe to a dating site for the first time in my entire life: okay, I’m gonna change, my username. I could do that cattle Queen cattle Queens already taken on here. Of course, it’s taken it’s a good one. We’re in! I don’t even know where to start cow, queen 7 is on the prowl.

Now it’s just kind of a waiting game, there’s so many pictures of like guys with dead deer and beards. This is why I left it’s: okay, yeah, okay. This is why I left it’s. The male selection there – this is not my cup of tea, I’m sorry mom! I just it’s not my cup of tea, I’m Alli bougie bitch!


Now, okay, you have to have a beard. You’re do wear those sunglasses that, like are really close to like your eyes and like like this, doesn’t yeah, you have to be beard, you have to have, kills a deer, maybe be balding. That’s a plus. I feel bad. I don’t want to judge these people.

Well, this guy, if I don’t do bad he’s from California, look those pictures! Okay! Well, alright, you got ta, have the deep, the slain deer horns who likes me: we got ta like guys. We got ta like oh okay, of course, we’re gonna, like it we’re gonna, like everybody who likes me so, hopefully we’ll start messaging likes to ride ATVs and dirt bikes. Of course you do glasses.

Why do all Hicks have a same set of glasses? Hey there cowboy, let’s look at category cut up between seven, that’s you’re, so cute. So this is my profile these my pictures, I chose, oh goodness, gracious. Okay, I’m just going to give obstacle at this set for a bit and we’re come back and we’ll see like what kind of messages we got. Okay back to our farmers, only party here we got, we got four catches.


I have been chatting with Cal proper he’s. Our very first one awful conversation – I don’t know what it is, but this guy does not know how to talk to girls and he’s like hey how you doing I’m like I’m doing good. Did you horseback riding? We talked about horseback riding for a second I’m like yep he’s like yeah, you’re, very beautiful, and I’m like so what’s she looking for on here he’s a just. What relationship I’m like me too?

Is there any type of person or qualities you’re? Looking for, in particular, he’s like nice, caring, loving, respectful, loyal support of understanding, oh well, that’s a lot. I can only find you one of those. I didn’t say that and then he’s like snapchat. I don’t use snapchat mystic, I’m like.

Are you looking for a farm girl specifically, you have really asked much about me yet and he’s just like I’m not picky. Can I call you so we also got some other emails. I don’t even call the messages, they call them emails all right. So I’m talking to this guy he’s like hello gorgeous. How are you here’s my number?

What other city is next to you, hey beautiful, do you want to meet you? This guy is a weird and he doesn’t have anything on his profile. I Drive a farmer or a weed farmer, I don’t know he’s not the type of farmer I want, though JB will you at what you been hey. This is the guy with the sunglasses that I hate. All these guys have said, like their hobbies include hunting.

It sounds really bad, but I’m kind of looking for a high say a farmer daddy, but only because I need a new fence put in for my cattle and new road solar from a potato / laser garden. Please look touch he’s not gonna message. Back whatever hey growing up. There is an actual thing, it’s an actual real thing. There’s it’s called farmer talk these guys all seem to possess it.

I don’t really have like this is so different than tinder. This is so different than tinder growing up, like my grandpa, my uncles and everything. This is how they talk. Well, yeah. We got a new message right now: hey you!

That’s what I’m talking about! That’s a good one! Oh I see what you did there this guy. I’M like can I call you he’s like how I don’t give out number. How else are you talking the phone?

I don’t know dal from your grandma’s food, this guy, you guys just bagged he’s like so how big of a famous pencils are expensive. Okay, I know this fences are a very costly investment in farm life. You want some some good, solid posts which are very expensive and then setting it up. There’s no way I’d be able to build myself, so you’d have to hire someone to come in and put the fence in because you get there like. You know: if do that thing, where you dig the holes for the posts and attach them all and that’s costly?

That’s super costly, not a huge one. I don’t have a lot of cattle, don’t have a full heard what he said. Something else like it’s here yourself. You take her in a phone text, you a selfie taker and a phone texture. Ah, yes, I need that fence.

Put it I need that fence put in for the front pasture. Oh he’s getting pervy now some and not being a perv, but you afraid to show your body uh-huh, I’m not afraid, but I would only do that for a fence lol, oh you’re, a hot little girl. Oh my god, be more. What do you think about my bro, alright anyways? I have to end this video now sorry to leave you waiting.

I don’t know what Jeremiah’s gonna say. That’s the conclusion. I love you very much. Okay, good, bye,

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